Vertec Environmental website statement. Nov. 2023

We estimate that we have a direct influence on around 265 tons* of C02e carbon emissions each year through the running of our business. Most of these are vehicle emissions, both from cars and vans going to and from site/office and from site based mechanical plant.

Vertec Scope 1 & 2 emissions by item Feb 23 - Jan 24

Vertec have made a commitment, in line with the United Nations’s Race to Zero campaign and by joining ConstructZero, to halve our emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2050. However we are meeting these targets sooner. Vertec have actually halved their emissions by 50% in the last two years based on turnover.

To achieve this reduction, we already:

  • Have 10 electric vehicles. Saved (very) approximately 35 tons of emissions since Nov 2022. And our electric cars are covering approximately 7500 miles a month.

  • In September 2023 Vertec installed 112 solar PVs on the roof of our offices with storage batteries so that our 3 car charging points for staff and visitors now have zero emissions.
  • Encourage the use of web-based meetings where possible to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Ensure our employees have laptops to work from so that they can work remotely or at home if required.
  • Only deliver HVO fuel to site for mechanical plant. This has saved approximately 35 tons of emissions since Dec 2022.
  • Track all fuel used on-site, either HVO or diesel, this is monitored.
  • Encourage our staff and visitors to use public transport when possible. Our offices in Haddenham and Brighton are both very close to train stations.
  • Use suppliers near to sites to reduce delivery mileage.
  • Use left over materials across sites by utilising our storage unit.
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Environment and Sustainability 02
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In the future we aim to:

  • Replace our fleet of 19** vehicles that currently run on fossil fuels with lower emission vehicles as they come up for replacement (every three years).

  • Look at electric based alternatives to mechanical site plant.

We have been recording our greenhouse gas emissions since October 2020, in accordance with the UK government’s guidelines. Since 2020 we have actually increased our annual emissions overall, but have also increased our turnover. So, to make a comparison we have decided to judge ourselves on our emissions per £1million of turnover each year. In 2023 Vertec’s emissions were 30% lower than that of 2022. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Why is this page black? Simply put; black screens use less power than white ones, so there is less energy being used.

* This estimate is based on the running of our two offices and our staff travel to and from work (site or office based), known as Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Vertec’s site works are generally specified by our clients and these materials and their transport, known as Scope 3 emissions, are currently not currently included in our calculations.
** As of November 2023