Vertec Supply Chain Brett Martin

Brett Martin Daylight Systems have been a crucial partner since Vertec was established in 2012. As well as the supply of Industrial GRP rooflights, they have also supplied Dome and Vaulted products on some of our more diverse projects. The range and competitive price of rainwater goods and sealants also make them a go to supplier for these products.

Hambleside Danelaw’s knowledge and support have made them a key collaborator for Vertec. They have supplied GRP Rooflights on a significant number of our projects over the last decade.

Vertec Supply Chain HDBP
Vertec Supply Chain Sharmans

Vertec have had a long-standing relationship with HD Sharmans – who are widely recognised as a market leader in roof and gutter refurbishment systems. The provision of on-site surveys, tool box training & CPD’s from Technical Service Managers has helped us to deliver numerous successful refurbishment projects.

The personable team at Giromax are always available for advice and support. Another trusted and valued partner in our supply chain.

Vertec Supply Chain GIromax
Vertec Supply Chain Ash and Lacy

Whether servicing our requirements from Chessington, The Midlands or Honiton, Ash & Lacy fabricate all manner of flashings for us to cater for numerous projects up and down the country! Quick to turn around material requests at short notice, they are an integral part of ensuring we deliver to programme.

Vertec first started collaborating with Kingspan in 2012. They have supplied roof and wall panels on numerous New Build and Refurb projects. Their wide range of products, services and knowledge make them a valuable part of Vertec’s supply chain.

Vertec Supply Chain euroclad

Euroclad have worked closely with Vertec since 2012. They offer a wide range of metal wall and roof systems, using three main product groups – Eurobond Panels, Euroclad Systems and Euroclad Architectural. They have especially helpful to Vertec with the supply of materials for our New Build projects and are one of our preferred suppliers to work with.

Joris Ide supply roof and wall sheets for Vertec projects. Their great customer service and competitive pricing makes them an easy to deal with preferred Vertec supplier. Joris Ide have most notably supplied the roof sheets at West Cross one of Vertec’s biggest Refurb projects.

Vertec Supply Chain joris ide

Vertec have a close partnership with the team at Tri Fab. They offer their knowledge and support on Refurb and New build projects and have played a vital role in Vertec’s growth since becoming a go-to supplier in 2012. Their flashings come in at a competitive price and they provide a quick turn around on countless Vertec projects.

GL Profiles are a new addition to the Vertec approved supplier list. They supply flashings, gutters, downpipes, bespoke fabrication and flat sheet. Their competitive pricing and quick turnaround make them an important part of our supply chain.

Vertec Supply Chain GL Profiles
Vertec Supply Chain Woodall FS

Woodalls have been a trusted partner of Vertec since 2012. They have worked closely with us on many projects and have provided a wide range of products and support. You will find their fixings, sealants, tapes, and accessories on many Vertec projects. This includes their Tech Bar spacer support system.