Metal Roofing & Cladding

Vertec work in tandem with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal roofing and cladding systems including; Kingspan, Ruukki, Euroclad, Tata SteelFirth Steels and CA Group. This gives our clients a range of roofing and wall cladding system options such as; composite panels, insulated built up systems or uninsulated single skin systems.

The profiled shape of the outer sheets vary widely but the most popular for roofs and walls are; standing seam, trapezoidal and sinusoidal profiles for built-up and single skin systems. Cladding composite panels can also be supplied flat or in microrib profiles to most RAL colours. Each supplier use various finishes on their sheets and panels, the substrate for the coating is either aluminium or steel, their standard ranges are for the most cost effective and efficient use of materials.

Vertec will ensure that the cladding and roofing system is designed to meet the building requirements, to comply to the wind, maintenance and snow loads, along with ensuring thermal U-Values are met to comply with Building Regulations. Working details are generally bespoke for all projects and are produced to comply to the manufactures recommendations to ensure weather and air tightness.

Over cladding of existing buildings is a service we can provide and is very popular where buildings are occupied as it allows refurbishment work to be carried out without disrupting client activities. Depending on specification this can improve; aesthetics of the building and thermal performance.

Whether a new build or refurbishment project Vertec can offer a range of robust solutions for a wide variety of environments and budgets always maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction, safety and programme delivery.

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Flat Roofing

Single ply roofing membranes are strong flexible sheets which comprise of synthetic polymer offering a versatile waterproofing system and are an ideal solution on flat or low-pitched roofs or an alternative to felt and asphalt.

Systems, can be mechanically fastened, fully adhered to a layer of insulation if required, or loose laid under ballast or paving are then welded at joints with hot air, negating the need for any naked flames and the risks associated with them.

With excellent strength and resistance to punctures and tears they provide the flexibility to overcome complex design structures and detailing.

BBA certified and fire rated, single ply membranes provide a broad range of solutions for either refurbishment or new build projects with insurance backed guarantees available from 10 to 25 years.

Vertec work closely with our supply chain to provide our clients with the best possible solution for their specific project whilst maintaining focus on customer satisfaction safety, and programme.

Single-ply Roofing information

  • Only installed with hot air, no naked flame needed, making this a very safe means of installing a flat roof
  • All products and workmanship come with an insurance backed guarantee, this means that the guarantee is actually worth something

  • Very easy to install around any awkward detailing as this product is very pliable

  • Can be mechanically fixed or adhered, this means it can be installed on any type of roof no matter what the original or new build up may be

Single-ply roofing
Single-ply roofing

Refurbishment & Renovation

Roof Coatings

Vertec offer a number of roof coating options to suit your individual roofing requirements. The best option to suit your specific roofing requirements can be discussed on a free consultation. We work very closely with various suppliers including market leaders, such as GIROMAX, TOR Coatings and HD Sharman Coatings to give you the best product on the market.

Vertec Roof Coatings BeforeVertec Roof Coatings After


At Vertec we work with leading suppliers to provide a variety of solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects. Refurbishment solutions can vary from encapsulation systems where we work closely with a number of the industry’s leading suppliers, GIROMAX and TOR Coatings which are a cold applied liquid coating ensuring a 100% waterproof solution with a number of different guarantee options. Other popular refurbishment options are re-lining of existing gutters where we work with HD Sharman or Ampteam who both supply a rubber membrane that matches the same profile of the existing gutter. There systems both come with 25 year guarantees. On new build projects we are able to source steel and aluminium gutters both insulated and non-insulated with membrane lining where required from and extensive supply chain.


Roof Lights

Roof lights are a very good source of natural light and their passive solar gain can help reduce energy costs. However they do deteriorate and without proper maintenance they can become stained, dirty and subject to water ingress. At Vertec we are able to offer a wide range of solutions from refurbishment of existing roof lights utilising products such as HD Sharman Delglaze through to replacement with the industry’s leading suppliers Kingspan, Brett Martin and Hambleside Danelaw. Whether installing roof lights in to new build projects or refurbishment works Vetec are able to offer products that take full account of thermal and acoustic requirements in addition to fire rating and structural performance. All of our works are carried out diligently by fully trained CSCS accredited operatives with health and safety being a priority due to the hazardous nature of these operations.

Roof Lights

Maintenance & Surveys

Maintenance is a key process to prolong the life and water tightness of your building.

It is the most cost effective means of keeping the water out. It is very important to remove foreign objects from your roof and guttering so water can be disposed of in the correct means. Vertec offer a number of maintenance packages to suit whatever requirements you may need.

Vertec will always put the customer first and ensure any works carried out you are 100% satisfied with.

  • Inspections

  • Consultations
  • Step by step planning of any future work

Rainscreen Cladding

Vertec’s team have worked on a huge range of projects providing new build rainscreen solutions to compliment the building envelope.

Working from the bare building structure Vertec can supply SFS (light gauge steel infill) spanning between floors, weathered with a Cement board and breather membrane (eg: Tyvek Housewrap) to provide weather tightness for internal fit-out to commence.

From the backing wall out, we can install PIR (eg: Kingspan) or mineral wool (eg: Rockwool) insulation, helping hand brackets (eg: Nvelope, Hilti & Architectural Profiles) and finally the aesthetic weathering layer:
Timber, Terracotta, Cement boards (eg: Marley Eternit Equitone Tektiva or Linea), brick-slip (eg: Fastclad) or a range of steel and aluminium metal panel systems to any RAL colour or finish.

  • Inspections

  • Consultations
  • Step by step planning of any future work

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